10 ⁄ 2023

More than 30 Sunnyvale citizens participated in the Iizuka Kaido Festival and Mayor Klein assumed the role of grand marshal in light of the absence of a mayor in Iizuka.

10 ⁄ 2023

More than 40 Sunnyvale citizens visited Iizuka with Mayor Klein and had a ceremony and reception.

09 ⁄ 2023

Iizuka mourned the passing of Mayor Makoto Katamine.

08 ⁄ 2023

The Iizuka Product Fair was held at the Sunnyvale Community Center and more than 100 Sunnyvale citizens attended.

08 ⁄ 2023

Seventeen Iizuka citizens visited Sunnyvale as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations. They enjoyed a ceremony and reception with Sunnyvale citizens.

06 ⁄ 2023

SSCA hosted an art booth with prizes at the Art and Wine Festival.

06 ⁄ 2023

Nineteen students and four chaperones tour Japan and stay in Iizuka with host families.

05 ⁄ 2023

SSCA hosted an origami booth at the Hands on the Arts Festival.

04 ⁄ 2023

Iizuka gifted ten cherry trees that were planted at Braly Park on Arbor Day.

04 ⁄ 2023

About 30 people including Mayor Klein celebrated Hanami at Braly Park.

03 ⁄ 2023

Twenty Iizuka students and six chaperones visited Sunnyvale for the first time since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

02 ⁄ 2023

Two Iizuka students' designs were selected for the Sunnyvale Library Card Design Contest.


09 ⁄ 2022

Joined the annual Sunnyvale State of City.

06 ⁄ 2022

19 students and 4 chaperones visit visit Iizuka as part of a student exchange program, the first US-Japan exchange since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

05 ⁄ 2022

Attended Sunnyvale's Hands on the Art Festival

03 ⁄ 2022

Braly Park hosts a hanami (flower viewing) picnic for the first time in two years

02 ⁄ 2022

The Art Exchange Program sees 28 Iizuka and Sunnyvale artists collaborate on one big art project


12 ⁄ 2021

Digital Exchange Program - online

10 ⁄ 2021

Library Exchange Program

08 ⁄ 2021

Sister City Story Time

07 ⁄ 2021

Art Exchange Program

04 ⁄ 2021

Cherry Tree Planting Ceremony at Braly Park

02 ⁄ 2021

Art Exchange at Nimitz Elementary School - online


12 ⁄ 2020

Sweet Sunnyvale Art Workshop at the Library - online

11 ⁄ 2020

Sweet Sunnyvale Art Celebration - online workshop

06 ⁄ 2020

S2I Program cancelled due to COVID-19

05 ⁄ 2020

Hands on the Arts At Home (Kabuto Hats and Hina Dolls)

04 ⁄ 2020

Vivid Art Greetings from Kobukuro Elementary School - virtual exhibit

03 ⁄ 2020

I2S Program cancelled due to COVID-19


11 ⁄ 2019

Connecting the Dots at the Stocklmeir Math Fest (Art from Iizuka, Math Puzzles from Japan, Sunnyvale Art Map for Iizuka)

11 ⁄ 2019

Twelve Sunnyvale residents traveled to Tokyo, Kyoto and Iizuka for a 10-day group Adult Exchange Program. Iizuka host families let the travelers experience ordinary Japanese life first-hand

10 ⁄ 2019

Art from Kaita Municipal School, Iizuka exhibited at Cupertino Middle School Fall Family Night

10 ⁄ 2019

The second SSCA supported Startup World Cup event took place in Iizuka. Two companies advanced to the Tokyo quarterfinals and two companies advanced to the Osaka quarterfinals

09 ⁄ 2019

Sunnyvale Art Map - Stocklmeir Elementary School students create Pop Art Cards (in the style of Roy Lichtenstein) of their favorite Sunnyvale places for Iizuka

09 ⁄ 2019

SSSCA managed an origami booth at Sunnyvale's State of the City event

06 ⁄ 2019

Twenty Sunnyvale middle and high school students visited Tokyo and Iizuka for 10 days

06 ⁄ 2019

SSCA managed a lottery wheel booth at Sunnyvale's Art, Wine and Music Festival

05 ⁄ 2019

SSCA managed an origami booth at Sunnyvale's Hands on the Arts Festival

04 ⁄ 2019

Art from Kaita Municipal School, Iizuka, exhibited at Sunnyvale Public Library

03 ⁄ 2019

Twenty Iizuka middle and high school students visited Sunnyvale and attended class at Homestead High School, Columbia Middle School and Sunnyvale Middle School


09 ⁄ 2018

SSCA invited the Startup World Cup to Iizuka, where ten Kyushu companies delivered presentations. Two companies advanced to the Japanese finals in October

09 ⁄ 2018

Six Sunnyvale students attended the SCCA's fourth robot programming class, where they studied the RUBY programming language

09 ⁄ 2018

SSCA managed a photo booth at Sunnyvale's State of the City event, drawing attention with Pokemon costumes

06 ⁄ 2018

Twenty Sunnyvale HS/MS students visited Iizuka, and spend three days attending school in Iizuka

06 ⁄ 2018

SSCA managed a booth at the Art and Wine Festival in downtown Sunnyvale

05 ⁄ 2018

SSCA managed a booth at the Hands on the Arts Festival at the Sunnyvale Community Center

03 ⁄ 2018

Twenty Iizuka middle school students visited Sunnyvale and attended class at Fremont High School, Columbia Middle School, and Sunnyvale Middle School

03 ⁄ 2018

Thirteen Sunnyvale students attended the SCCA's third robot programming class, where they studied the RUBY programming language

01 ⁄ 2018

Two elementary teachers from Iizuka did home-stays with elementary school teachers in Sunnyvale and toured Sunnyvale elementary schools


11 ⁄ 2017

Iizuka Mayor Makoto Katamine and City Council Chair Seiichi Fujiura visited Sunnyvale and delivered remarks at a Sunnyvale City Council meeting.

09 ⁄ 2017

Sunnyvale Mayor Glenn Hendricks visited Iizuka and delivered remarks at the Iizuka City Council Meeting

06 ⁄ 2017

Eighteen (12 middle school and 6 high school) Sunnyvale students visited Iizuka for S2I 2017

03 ⁄ 2017

Second Cherry Blossoms (Hanami) Picnic at Braly Park

03 ⁄ 2017

Second Robot Programming Class with 12 Sunnyvale participants


12 ⁄ 2016

Mayor Hendricks of Sunnyvale and Mayor Saito of Iizuka signed the Sister City Agreement marking the commencement of the official sister city relationship

10 ⁄ 2016

Two more Sunnyvale adults visited Iizuka and were moved by the hospitality of their hosts

08 ⁄ 2016

Twenty Iizuka students visited Sunnyvale and attended Homestead High School and Sunnyvale Middle School

06 ⁄ 2016

Fourteen Sunnyvale students visit Iizuka

05 ⁄ 2016

First Adult Exchange Program: Dr. Nawata from Iizuka visited Dr. Yoshida in Sunnyavle and Dr. Yoshida visited Dr. Nawata

Sunnyvale Rotary Club welcomed Iizuka Rotary Club and they started their friendship

03 ⁄ 2016

First Cherry Tree Viewing (HANAMI) picnic at Braly Park


09 ⁄ 2015

Sunnyvale Middle School robotics class taught by three Kyuushu Institute of Technology students from Iizuka

Moved to Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale

Announced 2016 dates for S2I (Sunnyvale to Iizuka) student exchange program

The cherry tree planting ceremony was covered by the Sunnyvale SUN.
Taking Root

08 ⁄ 2015

Twenty Iizuka students visited Sunnyvale and attended Fremont High School and Sunnyvale Middle School.

Iizuka also donated twenty cherry trees to Sunnyvale and planting ceremonies were held at Homestead High School and Columbia Middle School.

06 ⁄ 2015

Eight Sunnyvale students visited Iizuka on SSCA’s second student cultural exchange trip.


12 ⁄ 2014

Held information session on 2015 S2I program

10 ⁄ 2014

09 ⁄ 2014

State of California granted California State tax exempt status to SSCA

The District Digest covered SSCA activities
Sunnyvale Middle School Students Visit Iizuka, Japan

08 ⁄ 2014

Sunnyvale welcomed 20 junior high school students from Iizuka who enjoyed Bay Area life and attended classes at Sunnyvale Middle School

Iizuka donated cherry trees as a token of lasting friendship which were planted at six different locations in Sunnyvale

06 ⁄ 2014

Eleven Sunnyvale students visited Iizuka as the first exchange program students

IRS granted Federal income tax exemption to SSCA, as a 501(c) 3 organization

03 ⁄ 2014

Confirmed that eleven Sunnyvale students will visit Iizuka in June

02 ⁄ 2014

Announced the S2I Project, sending Sunnyvale students to Iizuka from Fremont High School, Sunnyvale Middle School, and Columbia Middle School


12 ⁄ 2013

Morichika Saito, Mayor of Iizuka, signs a "Friendly Exchange Relations Agreement" after getting approval from Iizuka's City Council

SSCA turns in form 1023 to the IRS in order to get classified as 501(c)3

11 ⁄ 2013

Anthony Spitaleri, Mayor of Sunnyvale, signs a "Friendly Exchange Relations Agreement" after getting approval from Sunnyvale's City Council

10 ⁄ 2013

SSCA mails an official application for NPO status to the Secretary of State, and 501(c)3 status for the organization is pending.

09 ⁄ 2013

Akiko Inoue, SSCA's Event Manager, visits schools in Iizuka to discuss future activities between the two cities.

A representative from Iizuka Friendship Network visits Mayor Anthony Spitaleri and delivers a letter from Iizuka's mayor.

08 ⁄ 2013

Iizuka Friendship Network, NPO, is officially organized to facilitate a sister city relationship with Sunnyvale.

07 ⁄ 2013

Mark Kato visits several candidate cities in Japan and discusses possibilities.

At an SSCA meeting, Iizuka in Fukuoka prefecture is selected to be a sister city of Sunnyvale.

05 ⁄ 2013

Through the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, Kei Hagiwara announces to 1,700 Japanese cities that volunteers in Sunnyvale are looking for a sister city.

SSCA holds its first meeting.

01 ⁄ 2013 –
03 ⁄ 2013

Staff recruitment for the Sunnyvale Sister City Association (SSCA) begins.

01 ⁄ 2013

Kei Hagiwara, Vice Consul of the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco, Mike Michitaka, and Mark Kato meet with Sunnyvale Mayor Anthony Spitaleri and request municipal support for their activities.


12 ⁄ 2012

Mike Michitaka and Mark Kato deliver a written proposal on their sister city idea to Anthony Spitaleri, Mayor of Sunnyvale.

10 ⁄ 2012

Mike Michitaka and Mark Kato brainstorm on grassroots activities that will benefit Sunnyvale citizens and the sister city idea takes hold.