Starting in 2014, SSCA has worked with the Iizuka Friendship Network to facilitate two student exchange programs for middle (7th-8th) and and high school students: Sunnyvale to Iizuka (S2I) in which Sunnyvale students stay with host families in Iizuka, and Iizuka to Sunnyvale (I2S) in which the S2I students (as well as other Sunnyvale families) host visiting Iizuka students.

To learn more about the program and application process, take a peek at the 2018 S2I Information Packet. Pricing and schedule details are subject to change per year. We will release new information for the next trip in the fall.

To apply, please fill out our online application with the following:

  • basic information about you and your family
  • contact information for a teacher that you would like to use as a reference
  • a URL to a short 3-minute video introducing yourself and what you will share about the U.S. to the people you will meet in Iizuka

Note: Your information will not be saved if you exit the application before submitting.**

Video Details

As a required part of this application, applicants must provide a link to a 3-minute (max) video presentation that introduces yourself to people in Iizuka and what you’d like to share about the U.S. with them. The video of any successful applicant will be shared with her/his host family in Iizuka. You may refer to on how to create a video with url. If you wish to restrict the sharing of this video with SSCA only, please change the setting of the video to private and share with and indicate in the application that the video was shared with SSCA. **An application is not considered complete without providing the link to or sharing the video.


  • 9/18 (Mon): General Information Session @ Murphy Park Building